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Chitwan National Park

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Chitwan National Park

Royal Chitwan, in the sun-baked southern plains of the Terai, is Nepal's first national park, and its Safari Central. The park covers over two thousand square kilometres, and among its sal trees and elephant grass hide the animals you've always wanted to see in the wild: Bengal tigers, rhinos, leopards, crocodiles, pythons, and the elephants for which the park is famous. Follow your guide on foot into the jungle, enjoying the shivery thrill of being in just a little bit of danger (though there's no need to be too scared, as Chitwan guides are vastly experienced and know better than anyone how to keep you safe). Go safari-traditional and join a Jeep tour into the depths of the jungle; canoe down the Rapti River, getting adrenaline-close to the park's birds, snakes and crocodiles; or take Chitwan's most iconic transport option and ride an elephant for the best and bumpiest views in the park!

If you fall in love with your giant grey steed and want to spend more time with the Chitwan elephants, there's an elephantine range of quirky pachyderm-y activities on offer: bathing with elephants, whipping up some elephant candy, or even doing an elephant's "makeup" for her (a tradition for festivals and special occasions). Or you could visit the Elephant Breeding Centre to meet "awwww"-inducing elephant calves and learn about their work to conserve these beautiful animals. But there's more to Chitwan than elephants and safaris. It's also been home for hundreds of years to the Tharu people, who hunted, fished and gathered fruit and medicines under the canopy of the jungle, building their own independent culture distinct from both Nepali and neighbouring Indian traditions. Today you can visit a Tharu village, get to know some of the villagers and find out about their daily lives, or even watch traditional Tharu dances like the charming Peacock Dance.