Travel insurance

Travel Insurance

We want you to have the best holiday of your life. But if something does go wrong, we want you to be ready for it. That's why travel insurance is mandatory when you book a trip through TripLocator, and why we ask you to confirm that you’ve got the correct insurance before we can finalise your booking.

We're aware that navigating the welter of online insurance providers can be a bit dizzying, so we've included a link to our preferred provider, World Nomads, to start you off.

Whoever you insure with, do double-check that:

  • Your insurance provider is genuine. There are some rogues out there!
  • You take out cover for all the activities you want to take part in. Some insurance policies have exclusions for extreme altitudes (e.g. if you want to go trekking or deep-sea diving), or for particular activities like micro-light flights. If you’re going adventuring in a remote location, consider whether your policy covers you for emergency evacuation if needed.
  • You keep your insurance documents. It's best to carry hard copies with you during your journey, so that you can access them if you need to regardless of internet connectivity. Our partner organisations will also need proof that you've got suitable cover before they take you out on trips and tours.

Our preferred provider

We really rate the great insurance service offered by World Nomads. Fill out some details below to get a starting quote for your own journey.

Travel insurance: simple & flexible

You can buy and claim online, even after you've left home. Travel insurance from is available to people from 140 countries. It’s designed for adventurous travellers with cover for overseas medical, evacuation, baggage and a range of adventure sports and activities.